EXCLUSIVE: Adam Lazarra Gets Real With Buzznet

Buzznet had an amazing time at the Taking Back Sunday show last week. If getting the chance to shoot video and pics from the photo pit wasn’t cool enough, we had the opportunity to throw a few questions at frontman Adam Lazarra, who shared his feelings about the new TBS album Happiness Is, what makes the band nervous and his thoughts on Jared Leto‘s exploding career!

See what Adam had to say below and don’t forget to check out Instagram, @Buzznet, for our sneak peek video clip of the band killing it onstage!

Congrats on the release of Happiness Is. How do think this album will keep your existing fans hooked and attract new TBS followers?

Adam: Thank you. One of things I like most about this record is that it’s an unfiltered collection of what the five of us can do when we put our heads together. There wasn’t any outside opinion or input which freed us up to go in directions typically we wouldn’t try. I’ve very proud of the record as a whole.

How do you define happiness?

Adam: Balance.

What was the best part of collaborating with Itch on “Homeless Romantic”?

Adam: The whole thing was a cool experience. I’m just happy they thought of me.

What makes you guys nervous?

Adam: Most everything.

Strangest, coolest or funniest thing you’ve ever found while on tour?

Adam: I found a blog your website posted calling me fat once. I think it said that and basically was making fun of me, as if I was a caricature and not a person. That was pretty shitty.

How would you label the members in the band? i.e.: Shy one, prankster etc.

Adam: We all have our own brand of crazy.

What are your festival survival must haves?

Adam: Toothbrush.

Jared Leto was doing the music thing for a while, but now he’s a big-time Hollywood movie star, what are your thoughts on that?

Adam: Is there anything that guy isn’t good at?