Dexter&Rita // Life Has Just To Be Lived [SPOILER ALERT]

Hey my dear Buzzneters, here I am with a new video I made this afternoon.

I felt so inspired 😉

I think it will not be the last one…



So, this is a completely different fanmade video.DEXTER is one of my favorite tv shows ever, definitely my favorite with police theme mixed with drama and humor.I’m currently watching season 7 and I’m completely addicted.I thought about this video for a very long time, after have seen few videos around the web I thought to create mine.It could contain spoiler parts if you haven’t seen the whole DEXTER season 4 or you haven’t seen the whole show, I really hope you like it if you have already seen this show or you are currently watching like me :)For me Dexter and Rita is the best couple ever (talking about tv shows), their relationship isn’t the classic one, it’s not the one typical of movies, too beautiful to be real and stuff like that, it’s such deep.I love Michael C. Hall (Dexter) and Julie Benz (Rita), maybe someone of you could have seen them in Six Feet Under (Michael C. Hall) and Roswell and Desperate Housewives (Julie Benz).One of my biggest dreams is to meet the whole cast one day.

Song: The Wedding – Daniel Licht (DEXTER OST)Clips: Courtesy of SHOWTIME

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