The Colourist Shine Bright In Self-Titled Debut

It’s always a glorious feeling whenever a band you’ve been obsessing over for quite a while finally releases that anticipated debut album. The Colourist is one of those bands, and their self-titled debut doesn’t disappoint. Released this week, fans are finally getting their fix of happy synthpop with a little zest of the unexpected.

Fan favorite, “Little Games,” gets the party started with familiarity and glee while “Wishing Wells” delights with lyrical metaphors (“I found the beat to your heart and I’ve been dancing to it night and day”) and positive vibes that will have you wanting to get up off your butt and go tell that person you like how you feel.

Lido EP tracks, “We Won’t Go Home,” “Yes Yes,” and “Fix This” take on a new appreciation as you know there’s more to come while “Stray Away” drifts into a feeling of bittersweet melancholy. “Say You Need Me” and “Oh Goodbye” get you moving and are reminiscent of some Grouplove and Youngblood Hawke for extra happy feels.

Ending the album on an epic note, “Put The Fire Out” does anything but that. In fact, it only makes you crave more. If their self-titled debut is any indication, I think The Colourist will have a very long and prosperous career making music and putting smiles on the faces of fans around the world.

The Colourist’s self-titled debut album is available now HERE.

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