I Can’t Believe You’re Human – Moon Mermaid

Moon Babies meet Moon Mermaid!

This amazing beauty is so magical – I can’t believe she’s human! She’s been gracefully gliding underwater for 11 years and has appeared at tons of dope events like The Phoenix Faerie Festival, Pyrate Daze, and Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland!

Not only does she love entertaining, but she has some of the most epic interests ever…”Moon Mermaid enjoys collecting and gathering treasures and shells to make new mermaid tops and jewelry! She LOVES playing and helping her sea turtle friends, granting full moon wishes, protecting pirate ships from rough weather, visiting children, art, human music, is fasinated with sparkly things, and loves her fairy and pirate friends!” She also makes some adorable little goodies – check em out HERE!

She’s so BubbleGothTastic!!!



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