BSTA #42 If I Won A Million Dollars!

I don’t remember when the last time I take a part in the #BSTA and I know that it was a big mistake. I hope that you forgive me, please…

And “If I Won A Million Dollars” is a hard question because I’m not about money. But what can I do??? Hmmmm… I think that the first idea will make a plan what to do.. I’ll not want to make any mistake and spend these money in good way.

1. I’ll share my “happiness” with family, friends and I’ll want to help people and animals. I would to give a money to my friends that they could realize their dreams, you know about college and projects. And also give a part of money to organizations. The kids need more help, homeless more hope and warm from us and animals good place to living too.

2. I never think about myself. You know that you are most important to me than I am for myself. But I dreaming about realize my dreams and be happy. All my life, I study things which I don’t like..I do things which I don’t like… But I must to do it. I know that I’m bad lucky girl and this is a normal to me. It’s my crazy life.

But for sure with these money I’ll go to psychology studies or something about journalism and course for writing poetry and songs. Maybe I’ll have a change to publish my book?? But for sure I’ll can start to take part in poems/stories contests. Unfortunately right now I’m not able to do it :/

But I think that life without this money is better because I have a less worries 🙂