Ashlee Holmes Gets A Dramatic Hair Transformation

I’ve been dying to get my hair done for a while now but I’m super picky when it comes to trusting someone with my hair. I heard about Johnny Ramirez through word of mouth and I decided to give him a try. Some of Johnny’s most famous clients include Miranda Kerr and Kirsten Dunst. I figured if he’s good enough for a Victoria’s Secret model or two –he’s good enough for me haha I decided to check out his spot conveniently located in Beverly Hills.

Watching Johnny work is like watching a true artist. He really knows what he’s doing and he cares about your hair as much as you do. He puts a lot if time and energy into each client’s hair. I really respect him for taking so much time to make sure you’re just as happy with the results as he is. He actually listens to what you want.

I trusted Johnny with my hair not just because of his reputation –but because Johnny also happens to have amazing fashion sense. He even designed the interior of his salon –which has a very vintage yet modern vibe… I can’t fully explain it.. but I LOVE it!

Check out this gallery of the INSANE transformation of my hair –>