So I thought I would share some photos with you from my sons trip ice boating on the Hudson River March 1st and 2nd. Allison’s father Fred has a real love of Ice Boats he has a beautiful 38 ft mahogany vintage ice boat. Christian, Allison and her father traveled up to Rhinebeck NY that’s located on the east side of the river. Rhinebeck is a beautiful town I’ve been there many times. They had a whole day of riding these amazing boats up and down the Hudson. My son said the ice was 2 feet deep and because they need to keep the river partially open to boat traffic they have ice cutters that break though the ice on the west side of the river. This way any big oil tankers and other large vessels can get through. Christian said the tankers were so interested in the ice boats they actually stopped and watched …..

This is Fred’s boat isn’t it beautiful ?

Cold Wave is the perfect name for his boat …….

It looks so beautiful out there but the ice is so slick 😀

That’s Fred on the right with two of his friends, this is where you sit while riding 😀

Christian and Fred posing 😀

Allison and Fred posing 😀

Christian and Allison looking very happy : )

Cold Wave looks so pretty sitting on the Hudson River 😀

Here is 2 photos of a small ice boat and how slippery the ice looks.

This is a video of the ice boating that day, Fred’s boat isn’t in this because this was made by 2 of the yacht clubs from upstate NY but it gives you the idea how fast these boats go. I think the one named the Ice Queen was built in the 1800’s and the last time it raced was in the 1920’s quite amazing : )

OH they had a band there on the ice playing, it’s a little corny sounding but at least they did the Beatles song When I’m 64 !!! After Fred, Allison and Christian left to go back to the place they were staying….. when they left in the morning the dirt road was frozen but it turned into mud as they tried to drive back up the hill !!!

A local farmer had to tow them back up !!

The boat on the trailer …….

So I hope you enjoyed seeing what Ice Boating is all about since many of you had no idea what it was. There are a lot of different kinds of boats some are very small and others are large like Fred’s I asked my son how you manage to walk on the ice without falling on your Butt, he said they have these spring like things you put on your boots that helps you keep your balance 😀

Allison took all the photos so the credit goes to my future daughter in law 😀