The 10 People You’ll Meet At A Festival This Year

Festival season is officially here! I look forward to this time of the year ever single…well year. People watching at festivals is a top 5 thing to do. You meet and observe some interesting people. Last summer I did the 10 people you’ll meet at Warped Tour and this year I’m counting down the people you’ll meet at every festival. Happy music hoping.

10. I knew this band before they were playing this festvial.

9. Oh, these writsbands are from every single festival I’ve been to.

8. I thought this was the pool? Swimsuits?

7. Are you the guy who puts me on your shoulders?

6.. Kids, we cancled our family trip to Disneyworld and now we’re going to this cool music festival.

5. The girl who only talks about how drunk she is.

4. Mom, I just got engaged while my favorite band was playing.

3. Let’s be young and dumb and just makeout…for a long time…in front of everyone.

2. I need to take a photo for instagram.. and another one.. Do people know I’m at ( Insert Music Festival)?

1. My outfit cost more than my ticket.

Happy Festival Season.