Welcome Kathleen Deleasa To The Buzznet Family!

Hello Buzznet family!

I am Kathleen Deleasa and I am super excited to be joining such an amazing community of young inspirational people! As this is my first post in this community, I thought I’d start by telling you a little bit about me.

I grew up in good ol’ Jersey with a big Italian family who have helped shaped me into who I am today. My family is unique and have a strange way of each bringing a different talent to the table, whether it be music, fashion, or even film. A lot of my drive and creativity stems from my family. They’ve made me realize that I can be myself and with hard work, I can make my dreams a reality. Being the youngest sibling allowed me to have three amazing mentors in my life (not to mention it also allowed me to get away with a lot). As much as I love Jersey, I would love to travel the world after I graduate.

Fashion has always been a big part of my life. While kids my age were watching Nickelodeon, I was watching Project Runway, dreaming about all the things I would wear when I got older. I find clothing is a way to express myself, just as a painter expresses him or her self through a canvas. Currently, I am studying Fashion Merchandising in hopes of one day owning my own boutique. When I’m not studying for school or spending time with my friends and family, you may catch me blogging on “The Newest Wrinkle.”

As passionate as I am about fashion, I do have some other loves like photography and my dog Daisy. I have a great love for animals and before I was introduced to the fashion world, I wanted to be a dolphin trainer. So if all else fails, you’ll be sure to find me at Sea World. Those close to me may also say I have an odd obsession with Spiderman, Disney, and Nysnc. I am easily frightened by things, yet I love crime shows like Pysch and Criminal Minds. Growing up, I played almost every sport, but recently got into Snowboarding and now love it. Music is another driving force in my life. There is nothing better than seeing your favorite band or artist in concert.

Once again I couldn’t be more happy to join Buzznet and I look forward to sharing my ideas and inspirations with everyone as well as finding some for myself! xoxo