WATCH: BLEAUX ‘All Messed Up’ Video Premiere!


We’re super excited to premiere BLEAUX‘s new video for their single “All Messed Up” off their upcoming debut EP. The Los Angeles based band’s “sweet electro-pop-new wave influenced track” is nothing short of infectious and has had all of us here at Buzznet hitting replay!

The coolest part of the video is their use of stop-motion-animation to tell the storyand keep fans on their toes for future visual experiences the band plans to roll out in anticipation of their EP release.

Buzznet had the chance to throw a few questions at the band who shared their vision and why this project is so meaningful.

Check out their video and the exclusive interview below!

What do you think of “All Messed Up?”

Your video for “All Messed Up” is anything but. How did you come up with concept?

At about the same time we wrote the song, we were introduced to some work by the fashion designer and artist Curly V (a protege of David LaChapelle and Jeremy Scott). Modern, DIY, pop conscious painters and art play a significant role in our thinking and mindset when it comes to our overall aesthetic and when we saw Curly V’s work, we knew right away we wanted to collaborate with him. Without giving too much away, you really have to pay attention to what the song is really about and then when you watch the visual all the way through you will understand how the concept and images of the video are our collective minds visual interpretation what we see when we hear the record.

The sound & style for the video mesh well together. Can we expect more the same aesthetic in the future?

The aesthetic of everything we do is very important to us. As a group, we feel that our songs, our performances, our videos, etc., really everything, is all an extension of the same thing and that they are meant to exist in our own parallel universe. We really embrace the idea that while we are musicians, we are all really just people with ideas in our heads that have to come out and so we express them in all the mediums we can and try to do it in a semi-cohesive way. So to answer the question, yes you can expect more things that mesh well visually and sonically, but will we do another video just like this, who knows. What you see is what you get with us.

Do you have any influences (musically) that you incorporated into your album?

That is really up to the listener to decide what he or she hears in our music, but for sure we are all rock n’ roll and punk kids at heart. But, we live in a world of fusion of musical palates and our sound is that fusion brought to life from our perspective. We take a little bit of our influences from everywhere and fuse them together for our sound. Even if you asked each member of the band what influences they hear in our music, everybody would have a different answer because they are telling it from their own point of view and perspective.



Video Credit:Creative Director: Curly V and BLEAUX

Photography, Artwork and Editing: Curly V for Curly V Productions

Special Appearance: Dale Harper