Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him & Her!

With Valentine’s Day merely a week away, NOW is the time to shop because, let’s be honest, you’ll completely forget and end up having to get your love some cheesy, last minute fake rose + candy bar from Walgreens.


A CARD. Girls love cards. Why? I don’t know, but we do. Homemade cards are even better. Don’t forget the puns!

JEWELRY. Kelly’s Treasures is the perfect place to find your loved one beautiful, unique, and impressively affordable jewelry! They feature so many different great styles and designs that they personally create or handpick, so you’re sure to find pieces to fit anyone and anything. I love their Benito Necklaces, Stretch Mint Ring, and their Jeweled Bangle. Shop now to make sure they arrive in time!

MAKEUP. Girls love makeup. One of my most prized possessions is my “Balm Jovi Face Palette.” The punny name is just the start. Every item inside has an amazingly fun and punny name. Besides that, the colors are perfect, blend well, and stay all day. The palette features 12 eyeshadows, a powder highlighter, powder blush, and two lip/cheek creams. It’s THE perfect traveling accessory. The Balm is the bomb.

CHOCOLATE. We all want chocolate for Valentine’s day. It just doesn’t feel like the holiday without it. And by chocolate we don’t mean those heart-shaped boxes of tar-textured crayon tasting “truffles” from Walmart. If you’re gonna get chocolate, get your date some amazingly silky smooth Whole Organic Foods Truffles. Or, if they’re trying to watch their weight, or just eat less sugar without cutting the taste, get them a some of my personal all-time favorite, Simply Lite Chocolate. They make the most delicious all-natural, gluten-free, no sugar added/sugar-free chocolate with SAFE and minimal ingredients. Check their site for retailers or order online!


FACE CARE. Men have to shave everyday (most, anyway). Why not get him some quality face care products? If you want him to feel as pampered as he should, get him some LUSH Cosmetics “Dirty Shaving Cream.” It’s a perfect gift paired with a nice razor, and nice face towel. Bam. Shopping done.

MAN CANDLE. Men love candles too, but now they don’t have to feel insecure it with the invention of MAN CANS. Scents include “Sawdust,” “Bacon,” “Grandpa’s Pipe,” “Memphis Style BBQ” and so much more. Check them out and get your man a sweet can. Check with your local Whole Foods Market to see if they carry these (mine does) or simply order online!

STONES. Does your guy drink whiskey on ice? Or any drink on ice for that matter? Instead of letting him water his drink down, get him some Whiskey Stones. They’re made of 100% pure soapstone and totally safe for chilling your beverages. You simply keep the stones in the freezer, and throw them in a glass whenever you need a drink iced. They keep drinks colder longer than ice and don’t ruin the flavor of the drink by melting!

So, There ya go! Of course, always check Pinterest for DIY ideas, if you’re into that sort of thing, or shop your local major stores. But remember, personalized gifts go way farther than normal ones. Get creative 🙂

PS. Have any other interesting ideas? Leave them in the comments below OR Tweet me @MindyWhite! And as always, have a lovely Valentine’s day!

Xo Mindy