The Ultimate Boho Guide On A Budget

I would like to say that I’am an expert on boho. I praticaly live in everything associated with this style of fashion. The only downside to this trend is how expensive it can be. I’m looking at you Free People, For Love and Lemons and Sugar High Love Stoned (I LOVE YOU and My Bank Account HATES YOU). Spring and Summer is when this trend really starts to pickup and everybody wants to rock it. Here’s your style guide for all things Boho and hopefully your wallet will be happy.

Hats On Hats On Hats: These are the staple pieces for anyone wanting to play the part. You can go basic with just a floppy hat or add some life to it and accessorize it with some feathers or belts. I love playing with the colors as well. These normally range from 10 to 20 bucks at Forever21, Loveculture or H&M.

You are The Crown: Chain Head pieces are going to be the biggest trend of 2014. I’m so excited, because I’ve been trying to make people believe in it since 2011. Get rid of your flower crowns. These chain pieces are the conversation pieces of your outfit. Anyone and everyone will ask you where you got it from. If you shop well, you can find them for 5 to 10 bucks. You can also create them for super cheap. Check Youtube for how to guides.

The Not So Basic Maxi: Maxi’s are so free and easy to just throw on when you’re not feeling like doing anything. The trick is finding one’s that are not basic. The trend I’m loving with this is the see through overlay. Pac Sun and Forever 21 are my fav places to shop for these.

Teach Me How To Shimmy: Fringe is another trend that is coming into play this season. It’s beautiful and fun…. WHEN DONE RIGHT. Sometimes they look cheap. Look for the real deal and not fabric cut to make it look like fringe. Fringe on the sleeves of dresses are everything, but SUPER pricey. I wish they weren’t.

Velvet..Yes Please: The Rocker Side To Boho. I want anything and everything Velvet in my closet. Urban Outfitters has some great pieces that are little on the higher end (50 Bucks..Gasp). ASOS has some great pieces as well for around 20 bucks. You really just have to play around with this one. I say invest in anything velvet. THRIFT SHOPS are great for this one as well.

Jumpsuits: Another trend I’ve been trying to make happen for a long time. I love how free or dressy they can. This one is going to big for Spring and Summer as well. The fit is what’s going to make it a hit or miss. If it looks dressy… Go for a tighter fit.