Thought Blog: Nice work, Bmore

Baltimore is one of those towns where it seems like half the people who were born here couldn’t even DREAM of leaving (college not included), while the other half can’t wait to get away as soon as possible. It has this small town feel that can make you feel tied down or suppressed. For some people, I think that’s what makes them break out of here and accomplish things that seem impossible to most people who live here. I think there are 4 types of Baltimorons…

1. Hometowners who will never leave and have never had more than a passing thought about moving elsewhere. They’re happy here. They get into the Baltimore routine, find a good job, marry someone they love and have babies. Happily ever after.

2. Baltimorons who will always keep our city in their heart, bleed black and purple for the Ravens but they pick up and leave town as soon as possible. It always seems to pull them to the west coast.

3. People who want to leave but never will. Why? Who knows. Maybe they’d miss their family too much, maybe they’re scared, maybe they don’t feel that pull quite enough to take that leap of faith. These are the people I feel a little bit bad for. They don’t seem to be living their lives quite as much as some of the others. The inbetweeners seem to be missing out on their potential.

4. Come and goers. They have a taste for travel, but Baltimore will always be home. For these people, they sometimes manage to get out for a little while, but they’re always pulled back home. Or maybe they travel enough that the every day monotony Baltimore can sometimes have doesn’t drag them down. (This is me!)

I was browsing facebook this morning and saw a few different posts from old friends and former classmates from middle school, high school and college that really got me thinking. You guys are freaking awesome. I don’t know what it is about this city, but it’s really bred some incredibly brave, determined humans! Thank you to my former classmates and friends for being unbelievably inspiring people. I see everything my former classmates and Baltimorons have accomplished and it helps me to keep pressing on to achieve my dreams, too. From having adorable babies to making a name for yourself on the silver screen, it’s all pretty great. Keep being awesome, Baltimorons.