We got blasted again but this time the snow was heavy and I guess we got about 9 inches of it. When I looked out around 8am it was snowing hard and being a logical person I went right back to bed !! No going out to feed the animals until the snow either stopped or at least slowed down. The squirrels were even out there looking for food and they had to dig down under the snow to find a little scraps that might be left over from the day before. I finally got outside at around 4pm and had a big job ahead shoveling snow to make paths to get to the feeders. I spent about an hour just to get to them and fed the birds since they were the only ones left waiting for some seed. I stocked all the feeders so even the squirrels will get something in the morning.

Then it was time to clean the snow off my car that took an hour !! My husband was hard at work cleaning the driveway with the snowblower. OH and there is another storm on the way for Tuesday late night into Wednesday !! I can’t wait to see what that brings and add to it the big storm we may get on Sunday. Where is all this snow going to be put we are already out of room and it’s only the beginning of February 😀

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