Must See Movie: Winter’s Tale

Yesterday I went at the cinema and I’ve watched “Winter’s Tale” movie and it really worth it!

I’ve always loved this kind of stories, where past and present mix together, where there’s love, magic and passion. I’m a romantic girl in my deep and this is one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever seen, I cried a lot and it really signed me so today I got the book (written by Mark Helprin) that I’m already reading it.

Set in 1916 and present-day Manhattan, Winter’s Tale follows the story of Peter Lake (Colin Farrell). Peter Lake is a thief who falls in love with Beverly Penn (Jessica Brown Findlay), a dying 21 years old girl who has consumption and occupies one of the houses he breaks into. Lake is saved from the insane Irish gangster Pearly Soames (Russell Crowe) in the beginning, but soon Peter understood he can steal stuff without spread blood as Soames usually does. Peter will be helped by Athansor, a mysterious white horse who became his guardian angel.

Peter will be punished by Soames and threw in the river believed dead after a dispute. Years go on and Peter surfaces from the river alive without memory and in 2014. Virginia Gamely (Jennifer Connelly) will help you to find again his memory and he will help her too.

The story is even more than that. It’s a story between love and destiny, light and darkness. Miracles can really happen in this movie.

I wanna say you more about because I won’t ruin the magic of this movie, especially the end.

I love the moral and the fact the starts can be seen as human’s souls and their brightness is angel’s wings.

I hope you like this gallery and I advice you to watch this movie as soon as possible because is so beautiful!

Have you already watched this movie? Do you liked it? Have you read the book too?