I think most of you know I like to photograph abandoned places. What I think most when I see those places is saddness. Some beautiful architecture is rotting and no one is doing anything to save it. As you know I always visit Building 93 on the Kings Park Psychiatric Center in Kings Park to take photos because one day that historic building will be lost forever ………

Of course there are other things that just sit abandoned and become dangerous and eyesores : (

I hate people who litter our environment. Sadly we have a problem here with that. I’ll leave you with one photo I took the other day of a store in my town that was abandoned but they just opened up a new deli not that long ago and fixed up the building …..

Of course the streets are a bit torn up from all the snow we had to have plowed in our town this winter so it looks a bit dirty at this time. Well this is something that MOVES ME ….. Decay, Apathy and Carelessness : (