Love and Other Stuff

This morning I was interviewing Chris Harrison about love. Seems this guy would know the most about love…20 seasons of The Bachelor would make you an expert, right?

I got thinking about our search for love, and how we do the craziest things for acceptable and companionship. All around us, dating sites, tv shows, set ups…for one sole purpose…to fall in love. However, so many of these things have such a negative stigma. I’ve online dated, my friend is online dating and so are millions of other people…and yet…it’s embarrassing to admit that you are on, right? It’s okay to be set up by a friend, but not by an online compatibility test. Serious double standard.

Look at the TV shows…sure The Bachelor fails more than it succeeds, but it has worked out. People have fallen in love, even gotten married. It works for some people.

Before I was married, I met people online, over social media…at events, at concerts…and for me…none of them turned out to be the one…but eventually AT WORK I met my person.

I guess, I just wanted to give a big dose of “you’ll get there” to you guys today. Don’t be embarrassed or afraid of your path to love. It’s different for everyone. We shouldn’t belittle others, or judge them if there path is meeting someone off a tweetchat about “scandal” or if it’s skydiving out of a plane. Love really is one of the greatest mysteries of our lives…and that’s what makes it so elusive and powerful.

Just keep going and know that the universe is seriously unfolding as it should. Like the song says “You Can’t Hurry Love” and it’s true. But I really believe that you should put yourself out there as much as possible. Love will come. I promise.