Japanese Songs Playlist

I’m in the mood of posting playlists so here I am with a new one all dedicated to my favorite Japanese songs.

Most of all already knows my passion for Japanese culture and food, I love reading manga, watching anime and eat sushi and other Japanese food, I love Japanese style a lot about fashion, I think it’s pretty colorful and cute.

I don’t know when I started to be so close with Japan, probably in one of my past lives I was a Japanese girl or something… One of my biggest dreams is to visit Japan someday, especially Tokyo because of NANA, my favorite manga ever, I’d like to see all the places described in NANA and also take a pic with Hachiko statue in Shibuya xp

So I picked some of my favorite Japanese artists and I wanna share with you my favorite songs of them.

What I love about these songs are the sonorities and the singers voices. I really like the fact sometimes they use also some English verses in Japanese lyrics, and I think Japanese is such a musical language.

I hope you like them 🙂

Utada Hikaru

In the Western culture, her name should be Hikaru Utada, but in Japan they use to put the surname first, and in general, she’s known with the name Utada.

She’s probably one of the biggest Japanese singers (even though she was born in Manhattan). She sold over 52 million of copies worldwide.

Since she was a baby she loved music because her mother was a famous singer in 70s and his father was a musical producer.

She’s famous for have firmed the soundtrack of the videogame Kingdom Hearts.

Here are the songs used for Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II:

If you want listen to Simple And Clean – the English version, click HERE

If you wanna listen to Sanctuary – the English version, click HERE

Mika Nakashima

She’s famous for to have brought on screen NANA characters in NANA movie with real actors. I love both movies and I think they did such a great job on them.

I love Mika’s style and voice, it’s such particular.

A lot of people think she’s Hispanic for her appearance but she’s Japanese at 100%

Here are some songs includes in NANA movies, Mika sung:

I found this amazing live version of 2011 of this song, I love it!

(I’m so sorry for the short version, but I don’t find the whole version on web :()

This is another amazing song (not included in NANA movies) but once again I can’t find the whole version on the web

Yuna Ito

Yuna is famous for the role of Reira in NANA movies. Her voice is perfect, so angelic, as described in the manga for Reira character.

Yuna was born in Los Angeles and raised in Hawaii, her father is Japanese while her mother is American with Korean origins.

I hope you enjoy two songs includes in NANA movies sung by Yuna:

Amazing live from 2012 during Men Fashion Week in Singapore

Some parts of the video are from NANA 2 movie (the one with the band)

Anna Tsuchiya

Anna was born in Tokyo to a Japanese mother and an American father of Polish descent from Buffalo, New York.

She’s also an actress and semi-retired model.

She’s famous for have dubbed NANA voice in anime and firmed the opening theme “Rose”.

I had the pleasure to see her also during MTV Japan Awards in 2011 (where Tokio Hotel performed too) where she performed.

She also dubbed Rihanna in Battleship movie for Japanese screen.

Olivia Lufkin

She’s American mothertongue because of her father (half American and half German).

During FIFA World Cup 1998 she was chosen for singing the song Together Now.

Famous for have dubbed Reira voice in NANA anime and have firmed the ending themes “Winter Sleep”, “Wish” and “A Little Pain”

Did you know any of these songs?

Which is your favorite?

Do you have other Japanese song you like?

Leave a comment below 😉