Is Professionalism Dead?

As a 21 year old lady trying to gently push her way ( more like tap on the shoulder) through her dream career with as much class, gracefulness and dignity, I have come across one thing. I’m pretty sure everything I just listed is dead in the world of professionalism. Is any career professional anymore? I’ve spent countless months interviewing, hunting, talking and trying to work my way up in any job that stands for exactly what I do. I learned that I have no idea what is happening in any industry.

I’m a firm believer in a courtesy email. You send an email, you respond appropriately and thank them for reaching out, even when not interested. You have an interview with a company, a thank you email or rejection letter would be wonderful. With as much time as we spend on our phones and with technology you think this would be something pretty standard to any company. It actually rarely happens.

I want to carry myself in a professional way. I make sure that I’m dressed correctly, nothing dis-tasteful is on the internet and that I’m the same girl on paper as I am outside of the office. Trust is something that has gone M.I.A. Trust that you represent the company well. Trust that while your out on the job, you’ll act correctly. Trust that no matter what happens you handle yourself in a proffesional setting… I’ve seen so many people get hired because of their wonderful interview and act completly different (unexperienced) while they’re on the job. They continue to work their way up and I’m still sitting at the bottom.

Giving someone your word use to mean everything. Now, it’s one of those guessing games. A guessing game where you have to continue to check up on people. Make sure they follow through and continue to question if they meant what they said.

What happened to good.. honest.. respectful people? Do people not care anymore and will say and do anything to get to the top? Is it all about who you know and hiring each others friends? Is America a sell out? Gosh, I’m so clueless.

I strongly suggest to any respectful lady trying to make a name for herself, that you continue to do you. Continute to be the breath of fresh air. You one hundred percent will feel defeated and burned out. Hold that head high with your beautiful pair of heels.

Stay classy BUZZNET