“The Imperfections of James and Kate” is released!

GUYS! I am so excited because my new book- ‘The Imperfections of James and Kate” is now out! You can purchase it at www.deadxstop.com –and I am just soooooo proud!

I wanted to share a special snippet of the book with you. I hope you love James and Kate as much as I do. I worked so hard on this book for the last 2 years…and I am beyond proud. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

“It’s really the way love works. We all fall into this magical perfect version of love with the other person, and then our minds become giant ice picks, chipping away every day, little by little, at the rock solid perfection we were so sure about. I was never surprised to see the magazine covers at the grocery store show the latest celebrity couple break up after their “whirlwind” romance and wedding, because you can’t know someone wholly in six weeks. It was always more surprising when I heard about long-term friends of the family calling it quits on their marriages, after years and years together. I guess after 30 years of chipping away at any person, you eventually come across something you can’t stand and would rather live without. I was torn because I wanted to be the most perfect version of myself for James when I saw him, and at the same time, I wanted to be the ugliest version too. I was so over love that I wanted to see if our dirty pieces matched. I couldn’t stand the thought of another “perfect” love turning sour. I knew it was too early to call it love. I knew myself well enough to know that it should have been labeled “desperate infatuation.”