HELP! Do You Get Him A Gift? Is It Too Soon/Early? #Valentinesdayconfusion

duh duh duhhhh

The unanticipated holiday all singles dread, couples stress about, and married people forget lol.

Valentines Day.

From a personal perspective and putting my business out there, I will be spending this Valentines Day alone. and oh so happy lol. I luckily enough, will be out of town working the whole weekend, unable to break my 2 month long sobriety of looking at my exboyfriend’s social media sites (GO ME! talk about self control lol) to see who his new flavor of the month is….

I’m trying to recall what I did last year when I “was in love”…. and nothing comes to mind.

so I guess that is a good situation to be in, I won’t be fixated on an amazing past memory!

But now, here is my issue: having little crushes and “things/flings”, what are the rules?? Do you wish someone a Happy Valentines Day? Do you expect a gift? A date? Flowers? Do I do something for someone? HELP!

I am sure a couple of us are in this boat, or even madly in love with our significant other and completely clueless as what to do/give on this so called special day. Which I just think personally is the most overrated stupid holiday ever lol. I will stay off instagram and twitter all day, I can google image roses if I want to see pictures of them that bad.

So in my opinion on people in my situation, don’t stress the small stuff, wish that guy a Happy Valentines day with a little 🙂 emoji and say have a good day today or something like that, and lets just hope he doesn’t send one to you in a mass text with 3 other girls . . . :I

If some guy asks you on a date or decides to give you something, don’t feel awkward or uncomfortable that maybe you didn’t think of anything to do, there is always next year… lol

Go on that date, accept that flower and enjoy being loved for that day! Also, don’t expect anything from anyone, I’ve done that before then just completely lost all hope in life haha

FEB 14th IDEAS!:

Maybe have some friends over for a potluck/game night

Burn old pictures of your ex,

watch rom coms

laugh all together about ridiculous dating stories!

sit on tinder or something and right and left swipe each others phones

surround yourself with people you love and that love you back, rather than having a pity party population of 3 on your couch with you and Ben & Jerry…