I’m sure you will remember me posting a story about our Famous bar in town ” KATIE’S ” well the saga continues with another TV show coming up on Saturday March 1st on the Travel Channel the show is called Ghost Adventures and if you live in the U.S. you should be able to find it in your TV listings. Katie’s is featured in the second half hour of the show.

A little about what is happening at Katie’s on Saturday, of course they will be watching it and the owner Brian Karppinen is planning a Poltergeist party with a band playing and the roller derby girls from the [team] Strong Island Derby Revolution will be coming. Katie’s was featured on two other shows A&E’s Paranormal State and Bio’s My Ghost Story.

About the photo I just took it Monday while driving by the bar, I wasn’t even planning on getting a photo but had my camera on and quickly held it up while I was driving past and got this photo. I cropped the photo and changed it to B&W and put one of my photoshop effects on it but those two lines going across the side of the bar was weird I have no idea how those happened since there was nothing on my car window that would have made those. Maybe the ghosts are getting ready for Saturday 😀

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