Look Back To The Past

Today I asked my dad to open an old suitcase which includes tons of photos of his family: about his dad, his aunt, his mother, his parents’ wedding, his baptism, his birthdays and stuff.

I also found photos of my parents wedding, when they were engaged, when I was just born and little me xp

My grandma gone too soon. My dad was only 2 and he has only few flashes about her, this is so sad. I’ve always wanted to know my grandma, she was gorgeous and with my grandpa they were such a wonderful couple, they were really in love.

My grandpa always said me I have a lot of things in common with her: we have the same initial of the name. Her name was Iolanda. Both were born in December. She was born on 12th. Both with the same “passion” to dress in a great way and with the same behavior.

So I spent the afternoon looking at several photos and I didn’t finish to see them all yet.

I wanna share with you a few, but I’m going to update this gallery with other photos 😉 also about my mom’s family. Stay tuned!

From my mom’s side, her dad was born in Umbria, in the middle of Italy, he moved here in Trieste with his parents and his two older sisters when he was just 6 months old. I still have relatives in Umbria.

Her mom was from Slovenia, a little country near Italy. Trieste is just on the border with Slovenia, in 5 minutes with car you are there.

My grandpa passed away soon too, he was only 73 and I wished I could have spent more time with him than what I did. I was neither 11 we he dead.

My grandma passed away this January, she was 90 years and half just like his father when he dead.

I’m so sorry if the quality isn’t so good but I shot them with my cellphone since I don’t have a scanner.

I hope you like this gallery with my family photos (including me and my parents when I was a baby)