So I hope you like the Visitor who has been a mystery for months now, the TWINS got their photos back from the photo store a little late but now they are here and it’s time for you to see who spent last summer with them 😀

When he showed up the TWINS were a little apprehensive they just didn’t know what to think, he was so tall and a bit scary looking !! And he did have this long gigantic weapon !! Who was this ? He had a body just like them but his face was covered and they just didn’t know what to expect !!

Then he reached down and grabbed Peter much to his surprise and fear. Tiny Mr. Potato Head was so frightened but he couldn’t do anything to help out his brother.

Then all of a sudden the TALL GUY reached down again and grabbed TMPH !!! OMG … What was to HAPPEN ?

After a few minutes the GUY said this…..

And after a moment of SILENCE Peter mumbled Oooooo !!!

Yes they had NO idea their Father was Darth Potato 😀

So after having hours to talk and a good night of sleep the TWINS woke up and they all had Breakfast together …….

Just the right thing to start their day together …… So after breakfast the TWINS took their Father out in the garden for a bit of sunshine. While out there they met the GNOME and their father got to pose with him 😀

He even took a flower as a present …. Then it was time for a surprise from JJ she arranged for them to have a portrait to be done of all 3 of them together, they loved that idea and were very happy and gave a BIG smile 😀

Then it was time for lunch to be served !! While they were having their portrait done a friend stopped by with his new line of lunch snacks so their Father had to pick him up to say Thank You Spongebob 😀

Of course their Father had to remove his face gear to eat those big things so now you get to see the family resemblance, isn’t it amazing ?

So after eating and saying Goodbye to Spongebob it was off to the garden again. The TWINS wanted their father to meet their friendly ANT Colony !!!

And because it was such a beautiful and hot day they decided to take their Father to the Beach !! He really enjoyed laying in the warm sand getting a nice Tan …… Up swam the TWINS friends the SHARKS they wanted to meet their Father …. Even the Whales wanted to meet him 😀

So now they were back home and it was time for them to give their Father a shower and a nice soapy scrub to get all that sand and food off of him …..

And now it was time for them to say Goodbye to him, they just loved meeting him since they never had before. Father was a very important GUY and he was never around while they were growing up. So this is their GOODBYE photo, he even grew a mustache 😀

So now they have such Happy Memories of their FUN DAY with their FATHER because he’s off on another ADVENTURE 😀