Don’t Miss It: Kellee Maize Live Show & Beautiful Photos!!!

Hey Buzzneters!!! I have something special for you. As you know I love to share with you the best artist from the whole world. In this Sunday, I want to show you new Kellee Maize live show and beautiful photos from her performances. I think that you will love them!!!

As you know or if you don’t know, Kellee Maize is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and wonderful person. She is the most downloaded female rapper on Amazon & Frostwire and number one search result when you google “female rapper”.

I’m so happy because on YouTube was uploaded her show from 3rd Annual Zeitgeist Media Festival( Hollywood,CA) from Aug.4th 2013

Toyota Prius featuring Kellee Maize in new wonderful ad too 🙂

In the last month Kellee perfomed in Katmandu(Nepal) where she supported amaizing children.

“This is from our first day volunteering at a school in Kathmandu. We did workshops and these kids truly made my life. They had political rhymes, great dance moves, and smiles and live with less than some of our poorest kids in America. Many of them are actually domestic workers from what I understand meaning they don’t go home, they go work and live after school with a boss, not a family. The amou…nt of love they have despite their conditions is extraordinary. Please think of them next time there is upset over our 1st world problems. And, if you have the ability, please support some kids like them that have lost a parent in another country doing what can be classified modern day slavery abroad. Committed also supports this school and built a library – donations here (// This is reminding me our prison industrial complex and that it too is a form of slavery. I hope to find local causes to support children affected by such things. If you know of any in the states, do share.” – by Kellee Maize

Photos From Nepal:

She performed also at Project Evolution, photo by Shaun Cope:

And I have wonderful news, Kellee will perform at United We Stand Fest at UCLA on May 10th!!! Don’t miss this show!!!