Britney Spears Performs Piece Of Me, February 18

Britney performed Piece Of Me on Tuesday.

After a couple days off, Brit rocked Vegas once more!

Nicole Richie was Brit’s special “Freakshow” guest!

Britney tweeted:

“…and we’re back Vegas! How was everyone’s weekend?”

“Omg these Snaps you guys send me – too cute! This one! <3”

“Can we all give a round of applause to @NicoleRichie for playing along in the show tonight? U looked hot crawling on all fours ;)”

Nicole Riche on stage I love this part:

I loved to see Nicole Richie on stage, she’s so cute.

Did you liked Freakshow performance with Nicole Richie?

I’m in love with Brit’s new hairdo for the show. With that tale as headband and her flawless hair, she’s stunning.

What do you think?