Brandi Cyrus Styles Buzznet For The Newest ‘Brandiville’ Episode!

In case you guys HAVEN’T seen yet — I have a brand new YouTube series called Brandiville on my family’s own YouTube channel SERIOUSLY CYRUS! On my show, I usually have special guests that I dress is a few different outfits and show you guys how to rock a certain item of clothing different ways, or a certain trend that’s sometimes difficult to figure out how to wear. It is SO fun and I’ve had some amazing people already on the show! THIS WEEK is gonna be super special because my dear friends and fellow Buzznet bloggers Brittany and Callina came over and helped collaborate on an episode we like to call ‘CASUAL CALIFORNIA COOL with a touch of 90’S GRUNGE.’

Take a look BEHIND THE SCENES of filming Brandiville exclusively here on Buzznet!

Here is the full episode: