Best Rumor Ever? Jared Leto May Be Dating Lupita Nyong’o

We don’t have any confirmation about this rumor, but it’s too good to not be true! Apparently, there is a story going around that the darlings of this award season, Lupita Nyong’o of 12 Years A Slave, and Jared Leto are dating.

The fashionista ingenue and the rockstar-hyphen-award-winning-actor were reportedly spotted hanging out together in New York over Fashion Week. While the two could just be friends, or this could be entirely made up, it would be so amazing if this rumor were true. Lupita, 30, is a Yale grad, riding a huge high from her first movie, and Jared, 42, is the ever-changing artist, honing his craft. The two are both at the height of their careers, gorgeous, young and interesting. Plus, they’d make the perfect dates on Oscar night!

Check out the rumor here.

Do you think Jared Leto and Lupita Nyong’o would make a good couple?