Ashlee Holmes: Going Vegan?

WHAT?…… YES. I’m going Vegan –for at least 22 days. I watched a documentary called ‘Hungry For Change’ followed by a documentary called ‘Forks Over Knives’ –I HIGHLY recommend you check them out if you have Netflix. They literally changed my life. I haven’t quite been able to look at food the same since I’ve seen them. However, I’ve still made some iffy choices in food. Recently though I’ve just felt the urge to do it. I just feel like I need to detox and cleanse my palate. I want to do it for health reasons more than anything else. I’ve already gathered a bunch of awesome recipes via Pinterest that I will gladly share with you all when the time comes. I’m going to keep a journal every day during my experience that I will later share with you. I’m going to be starting this tomorrow ( Tuesday the 18th ).

Please feel free to send me some recipes and vegan restaurant options.

Who knows, maybe this is something that will last more than 22 days? I just know that being Italian, it’s practically impossible to give up meat and cheese for the rest of your life… We shall she how this all unfolds though.. yeah? 😉

Check out this gallery for some vegan food inspiration…

Are any of YOU vegan?