20 Tips For Stress-Free Relationships

Who doesn’t want to live a stress-free life now-a-days? I sure do! With that said, here are some tips that I live my life by, in and out of relationships! They’re just good facts to know! Enjoy!

1. If someone won’t lift a finger to call you, see you, and spend time with you, it’s time for you to lift five fingers & wave goodbye. Be with those who love you the way you love them. Don’t settle for any less.

2. Understand that no matter how good of a catch you are, you’ll never be good enough for a person who isn’t ready. Don’t stress what isn’t meant for you!

3. Always remember: your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth. If they can’t see it, it’s their loss, not yours!

4. Never be afraid to let go of the wrong person, so that you can be blessed with the right person made specifically for your heart!

5. Know your worth and respect your standards! Never lower your standards to make someone like you. Make them raise theirs or leave.

6. Don’t kill yourself trying to hold on to someone who is doing everything to make you let them go. It simply isn’t worth it.

7. Never date someone who is intimidated by your success due to a lack of their own. Be with someone who is on your level, complements you, and lifts you up out of genuine love and appreciation for what you bring to their life and vice versa.

8. Remember that a relationship must consist of mutual respect and reciprocity. If you’re not getting treated like a priority, then keep it moving and don’t look back. Don’t ever stay where you feel dispensable, not valued, or unappreciated. You deserve to be around those who see just how awesome you are! Simply put, love is appreciation.

9. You deserve someone who would hop fences for you, not someone who is on the fence about being with you. You deserve the absolute best, never forget that!

10. Understand that just because you may want it doesn’t mean it deserves you. Be careful.

11. Never be afraid to wait for what you deserve and never ever ever settle!

12. Don’t be afraid to be with someone who makes you want to be a better person. That’s what life’s all about: growth! Embrace it and grow together!

13. Remember that when dating somebody who says “This is me take it or leave it” – Be smart and leave it. They won’t bend for you, but will expect you to break for them. You deserve better. A relationship is about compromise!

14. Don’t stunt your growth waiting on someone who doesn’t want to grow with you and never put your life on pause for someone who has only shown you that they’re about games.

15. You need someone in your life who is selfless, supports you, and will love you just as much as you love them. If the love can’t be mutual, then it doesn’t need to be at all.

16. Understand that cutting a person out of your life isn’t saying “You hate them”, it simply says “You respect yourself!” Rid your life of the negative and toxic relationships. If a person isn’t adding something of value to your life, walk away.

17. Be confident in yourself. Your value isn’t tied to a man or woman. Remember that.

18. Know that the one who is for you will be prepared for you. Therefore, you won’t have to change him/her in order for you to be happy.

19. If a person can love you through every insecurity and deficiency that you have, let them. They’re a keeper!

20. Simply be YOU. The right person for you will love everything about you, because you are enough!

Thanks for reading. Be blessed!