10 Ways To Be Successful

You know that Broadway play “How to Succeedl in Business Without Really Trying”? I’ve never seen it, but the title is definitely an eye catcher. Who WOULDN’T want to be successful without really trying? Fact of the matter is, in most cases, it’s just not possible. Sure, Kim Kardashian made a name for herself because she was friends with Paris Hilton then made a sex tape with Ray J but that’s not why she’s a successful business person NOW. Of course Miley Cyrus had a leg up in the industry because her dad sang Achy Breaky Heart… but who’s the one garnering borderline world wide hysteria in pop culture now? Not Billy Ray. It’s Miley because she works hard and has a great sense of what gets attention in the media.

You just can’t sit around and expect success to fall upon you. In order have LONG LASTING success, you have to work for it. I usually have about 5 different jobs, business ventures or projects going at one time. I may not have millions of dollars, but I’m finally at a point where I feel like success is on the horizon. I don’t consider success to be money. For me, success is happiness, doing what I love, giving my dreams a chance and feeling like I have a real grasp on what I do, day to day. (That probably sounds confusing because it’s hard to describe your personal vision of success, but I’m going to leave it there!)

So.. how do you gain success? I’ve come up with 10 ways to be successful in life and in business. Here goes!

1. Always try new things, especially if you don’t know what you want to do in life. Take a class, meet new people, travel. Every experience you have will shape your life. When I was last in LA, I took a class and it really shaped my vision for one of my biggest dreams. Also, it checks off one of my 2014 Bucket List items!

2. When you have a lot of energy, be productive. Sometimes you will fail and end up sitting on the couch all day, but try not to. When I feel a burst of energy, I try to at least accomplish one thing, which usually turns into 5 things.

3. This is something I think is INCREDIBLY important…ORGANIZATION!! I make “To Do” lists, which I keep next to my computer at all times and check off items as I go. It helps me to remember all of the different things I need to get done. I also use my phone for this. I have a “To Do” list in my phone and I set reminders when I need to get things done, when I have meetings, etc. In business, there’s nothing worse than dropping the ball and forgetting something. Worst feeling.

4. Keep a list of ideas. Business ideas, things to write about, bucket list items… anything that could help shape your life. You never know when the smallest idea could turn into something hugely successful.

5. Try to make a schedule for yourself. Unless you’re dealing with something time sensitive, it doesn’t necessarily matter if you wake up at 11am and get to work then, or if you prefer to wake up at 6am, work out, go to starbucks then get to work. Or maybe you do your best work at night! I have found that I get the most things done when I make somewhat of a schedule for myself. Right now, that schedule generally involves waking up around 9, making tea or coffee and answering emails while I make breakfast. Then, after I eat i get to work on my “To Do” list and check items off, one by one.

6. Help others. I discover this more and more as I get older. The more you give, the more you get. Help others without expectation and at some point, someone will repay the favor. Just remember, not everyone thinks that way, so it may be hard sometimes to give and not get anything in return, but that’s the point. Be selfless.

7. This is a great quote from an article about self made billionaire, Reid Hoffman. He was on the team of founders for Paypal then went on to found LinkedIn.

“At Amazon, they always say it’s Day 1. That means that Amazon is in a state of perpetual beta; that every day is the beginning of the company; that the trappings of success are the roots of failure. Keep yourself and your work fresh through constant reexamination and redefinition.”

Constantly be moving forward, learning from mistakes, redefining yourself and becoming the best you can be. There’s no peak you can reach where you just get to stop trying. Actually I take that back… that’s called retirement. So, unless you’re retiring, don’t ever stop evolving. In fact, even if you do retire, I think you should still be evolving as a human.

8. Network. The more people you are connected to, the better chance you’ll have at successs. My neighbor knows EVERYONE. I mean seriously… if you mention his name, someone is like “Oh I know him!”. He’s one of the nicest people i’ve met and he’s always putting himself out there, trying to help people. Take every chance you can to meet new people.

9. Don’t forget to take breaks. I know people who are very successful self-made business people, but they forget to take time to just live. There has to be balance. Work hard, but also take on life as an adventurer… or just relax! Some days, you need to just clear your mind, however suits you. Watch movies all day and don’t change out of your pajamas or take a road trip. I also read that people who take lunch breaks (outside of their office!) are more successful than people who work straight through. So simple, but it makes a lot of sense.

10. Coffee. Enough said.

What are your tips for being successful? Share them below! 🙂