10 Things To Know About Janae!

Number One: I love God! He is the most important thing in my life and is the main reason I smile. He’s my protector, best friend, and father, all in one! Knowing him has not only made me a much better person, but it has ultimately change my life in ways that I am so grateful for. He’s awesome!!!!

Number Two: My family is everything to me! I have an amazing family who supports me in everything I do and has beautifully created me into the woman I am today. My mother is my best friend. She is a Queen and my biggest role model. I’m her biggest fan and vice versa. I also ADORE my six-year-old niece. She means the world to me and it has been such a blessing to see her grow. All in all, my family is spread out across the world, but no matter the distance, it will never change how special and dear to my heart they are!

Number Three: I sing and songwrite. Besides working behind the scenes in the music industry, I have a passion for singing and songwriting. I come from a musical family, so we all sing. Ever since I was a child, I always was around music so it easily became such a big part of my life. Without music, I’m not exactly sure what I would do with the talents I’ve been blessed with! Music is my escape, as well as my therapy. I love it!

Number Four: I love to read, but not just any books. I love books that edify and uplift me. Books that have the ability to change my life for the better and allow me to grow personally. I enjoy reading books that enhance my viewpoints and allow me to gain knowledge, i.e. relationship books, faith books, etc. Books = knowledge and knowledge = power!

Number Five: I love to inspire others through positivity. If there is only one thing that I want to accomplish in this lifetime, it would be to change as many lives as I can for the better. I want to inspire, encourage, and share my love to those who need it. I believe that the many tragedies and blessings that I have experienced in life have been for a greater purpose, and that is to touch others with my story. We all have one, and I choose to allow my story to birth inspiration and change among those willing to listen.

Number Six: I love shoes… Its kind of an obsession that needs to stop haha! I have so many heels, sneakers, boots, oh man the list goes on! What girl doesn’t love shoes though? I have to honestly come to terms with the fact that I may never beat this obsession of mine, and yet I’m perfectly fine with that :).

Number Seven: In two and a half months, I will be a graduate from Chapman University, with a Bachelor’s in Public Relations and Advertising! It has been such an adventure and awesome ride along the way! I am so blessed to have had the experiences I have and truly can’t wait to get into the real world and see what my life is destined to be! The future awaits and I’m ready to take it by storm!

Number Eight: As I stated, I love music. Therefore, with my passion for music comes my passion for the music indsustry. With that said I have held multiple internships within my college experience at some of the biggest names in the industry such as Sony Music, Capitol Records (Universal Music Group), 19 Entertainment, Buzznet, and so on, and I give ALL of the credit to God. I came to LA at the age of 18 and knew absolutely noone. God opened so many doors for me to work with and know the people that I do now, and I truly believe it all is for His purpose for my life. I am humbled by those I come across every day and can not wait until I am given the opportunity to fill the shoes of the people I hold the most respect for in this industry. It has definitely been a roller coaster ride and I am truly so grateful for it all!

Number Nine: A fun fact about me is that I am multiracial. I am Black, Puerto Rican, Indian, and French. I love my culture and everything that makes me, me! I think self-love and self-respect are two of the most important things anyone should have. When you love all that makes you, you is when others will see that confidence and appreciate what you bring to the table as well.

Number Ten: I’m originally from the Bay Area! Although the Bay is completely different from LA, there are things about both cities that I absolutely love and would never take for granted. I visit the Bay often to see my family, but in my heart of hearts, I know LA is where I will be staying! Both cities have given me a lot and I am so happy that I get to experience both worlds!

Welp, that’s me in a nutshell haha. I hope you all feel like you’ve learned something :). Thanks for reading!