We Have A Winner: What’s the Most Awkward Moment You’ve Ever Had?

We have not stopped laughing at all of your hilariously awkward stories you shared with us! No idea what we would have done if we were in some of those situations… LOL!

Although we loved ALL your entries, we picked five of our favorites, and one of them is the lucky winner of the ULTIMATE DATE NIGHT EVER! Was it you?? Find out below…

4th Runner Up: @diamondz_xox – #myawkwardmoments

3rd Runner Up: Angad Ahluwalia – My Life #myawkwardmoments #LOL

2nd Runner Up: @LibbySegal – @Buzznet #myawkwardmoments

1st Runner Up: Lynisse Williams – Im Aalways the third wheel. #loner #myawkwardmoments

Winner!: @dopestdad – #myawkwardmoments @Buzznet

Thank you again for all of your awesome participation & congrats to the winner JayeBug! And if you think THESE moments are hilariously uncomfortable… You gotta go check out That Awkward Moment, in theatres January 31st.