Win $250: What’s The Most Awkward Moment You’ve Ever Had?

That Awkward Moment is a movie that really shows what happens between a bunch of dudes when the ladies aren’t around… You know, because boys need their “guy time.” But when guy time is messed with, things can get a little bit awkward… Especially when a girl is the core problem

For example, check out King Bach’s awkward moment in the Instagram video below:

Have you ever had a super awkward moment like this before?? Share with us for a chance to win the ULTIMATE DATE NIGHT EVER WORTH $250!

Now, this isn’t just a date night for people with boyfriends and girlfriends… This can be a date with your bestie, a sibling, your mom or dad… Or maybe even your pet! (Puppy playdate anyone?) You can share your stories on Instagram, Vine or Twitter… Just make sure to use #MyAwkwardMoments!

You can enter as many times as you’d like to up your chances, so don’t stop sharing! Be sure to check back here on Friday to see the big winner!

P.S. To see Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan find themselves in a TON of awkward moments, check out THAT AWKWARD MOMENT, in theaters Jan. 31!