Willow Smith Shows Off Edgy Style By Karl Lagerfeld For V Magazine

The ever so edgy Willow Smith isn’t afraid of taking risks, especially in the fashion world. Photos from her new fashion spread with Karl Lagerfeld for V Magazine were released today and the 13-year-old is pretty much killing it. Karl was even able to incorporate some of Willows own clothes (because she is the coolest) into the shoot and he brought some Chanel and Givenchy to add to the mix.

Willow basically rocks and has accomplished so much. As for what next, she is in no rush but will be taking the world by storm I’m sure. She told V Magazine, “‘I just feel like I want to do it different than the world’s ready for. It’s like a pearl: you put a piece of sand in it, which is the imagination, you close it over a bunch of years, making it awesome, and then bam! It comes open. And I’m it! I’m the pearl!”

Take a look at all of Willow’s pics in the gallery below!

What is YOUR fave pic?