Time To Get Natural

Break-up With Sugar.

I eat pretty healthy (besides the sporadic chocolate bar here, and pizza there… oops). Some of it by choice, some not by choice due to food intolerances. But one thing I try to stay away from always is unnecessary sugar. It’s hiding in large quanities in your drinks, protein bars, desserts (obviously), lattes, snacks, etc.

You may be thinking “But, I love sweets. Why should I stay away from all that goodness?”

Well, in general, sugar isn’t good for you. It’s actually terrible for you. Sugar in fruits and vegetables is fine, but we’re talking about added sugar. Raw sugar is the way to go if you must use it, but in general, overuse is going to ruin your body and make you fat. Or kill you.

Now, you may be asking “So, how do you stay away from sugar?” It’s simple, lower your intake. And we’re not talking New-Years-Resolutions-pretend-you’re-lowering-your-intake, we’re talking literally stop consuming so much freaking sugar.

How do we do that? Use a safe, natural, chemical-free, calorie-free, amazingly great tasting alternative: Sweetleaf.

They take the naturally sweet Stevia leaf and combine it with inulin, a soluble vegetable fiber, to make an incredible sweetener containing only the two ingredients. Zero scary chemicals, calories, or carbohydrates inside. They were sweet enough to send me some samples of the Sweetleaf packets as well as some flavored sweetening drops in Coconut, Vanilla Creme, Chocolate, and Watermelon. Perfect to add to your morning coffee, or cocktail!

I’ve tried them all and am now even more obsessed. Point is, we all get addicted to things that seem great, before we look at the repercussions. With the help of companies like Sweetleaf, we can now have our (safely sweet) cake and eat it too. Start a healthier new you now and shop Sweetleaf now!

Rescue Your Skin

Did you know there’s dangerous chemicals hiding in your skin and beauty products? Our bodies consume whatever we put on them, so if you’re layering on chemicals everyday through your lotions, shampoos, and makeup, it’s bound to cause serious problems, early aging, and conditions later. Not to mention the same companies test on animals, aren’t gluten-free or vegan, which can cause people with sensitive skin to have bad reactions causing acne, rashes, redness, etc. Companies even now have started naming their products “clean” or “natural” when, realistically, most aren’t. What do you need to look out for? Check the ingredients. Here’s a detailed list.

What products can I switch to?” There are thousands of chemical-free, vegan, gluten-free options out on the market today (thank goodness). One of my favorite lines is MyChelle Dermaceuticals. They make some of the most awesome, non-toxic, safe, comforting products and makeup I’ve ever used. Their Sensitive Daily Basics line is a favorite of mine.

Save your skin before it’s too late. Toss our your old routine and shop MyChelle Dermaceuticals now!

Safe Pain Relief

When I was younger, I had a really bad wreck on a bike (that as totally my fault for being an idiot and riding a bike without brakes…). I ended up going down a hill, realized I couldn’t slow down, and ended up finally stopping myself by crashing into the back of a Toyota truck ….with my face. Needless to say, I now have chornic neck pain everyday. Being on tour is the hardest with having little-to-no-sleep, lifting stuff, moving around on stage, weird sleeping conditions, and traveling in general. Medicine scares me. I hate taking it if I don’t have to. But sometimes, natural stuff just doesn’t work when you’re in severe pain. Muscle rubs usually make you smell like a walking eye-stinging peppermint, are made of ALL chemicals, and leave you oily, so I refrain from those as well unless I’m desperate.

I discovered Noxicare a while ago, a natural-herbal approach to pain relief. They make both a supplement as well as an odorless cream. From the first time I tried it, I was hooked. I couldn’t believe something natural, especially a cream, could mute the pain, but after half an hour of applying, my pain diminished. If you guys suffer from any kind of pain, seriously, check out Noxicare!

What are YOUR favorite natural products? Comment below and tweet me @mindywhite !

Xo Mindy