Thought Blog: Time To Live, Time To Love.

It’s funny how once you establish how it feels to be your happiest self, it almost feels wrong to be any other way. You almost get angry when you aren’t as perky and excited to take on the day. I feel like that is a part of life though. You NEED to learn to accept that even at your happiest as a human you WILL just have “OFF” days. No one is perfect and it’s almost beautiful to know that you are so happy now that being sad feels like a dissappointment within yourself.

I think today I woke up in one of those realization modes. I recently accomplished a huge life goal of letting go. It took so much out of me (for the best) and I think I got so wrapped up in the adrenaline of that until this morning. It’s kinda like once you make better choices, accept that and start to move on you realize “omg this is real”. But real isn’t bad at all, your new real is going to make you grow more than ever but it’s a life shift.

If you’re in a similiar situation, whether it be a group of friends who aren’t treating you right, a significant other or even just letting go of your regrets or past…Let It GO! The only way to move on to bigger and better things is to find the strength within yourself to accomplish what feels impossible on your own. The more free you are now at a young age, the more you are capable of accomplishing later in life especially once you do have that SOLID team of people around you. Learning self worth without feeling selfish may have been one of the hardest lessons for me in life and after 24 years I am STILL learning.

For some reason the song “Bright Lights” by Thirty Seconds To Mars really stood out to me today. Especially this part:

I feel like we are so quick to get upset when things don’t go how we planned and people “don’t seem to care anymore”. We can’t get mad becase that is THEIR choice. THEIR path. Instead of holding on to the past or “their” choices, we should just accept it all and run with all of the good we have in us and use it on someone who DOES care, even if that ends up being temporary too.

In the end life is all about one temporary forever after another. And we need to all see how amazing that is.

Basically what I am trying to say is, today is one of those days where I felt a bit off and my mind started wandering. These days are meant for us to take a pause from our new REAL lives and remember our past but only temporarily or else we will forget to live for today.