Steal Kendall Jenner’s Winter Style From Volcom

Buzznet East Coasters/ Midwest, are you surviving the freezing temps and cold weather? It’s so hard to look cute when there’s snow on the ground and in the negatives. Looking cute is one thing, but add trying to be on trend and I’m sure you are all overwhelmed. I l recently saw the pictures of Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles snowboarding together and boy did they still look fashionable. I was inspired to create a winter style guide using items from Volcom just like them. Winter usually means frequent coffee dates with friends, sledding with that certain someone or even waiting in the freezing cold to see your favorite band. Have no fear, these outfits will keep you warm and be the talk of your friends.

Catch Up Coffee Day: I’m usually always asking my friends to go grab coffee and catch up during the winter. Back home in Ohio, there’s 5-6 inches of snow on the ground and most people just throw on sweatpants and call it a day. NO, don’t do that. Put in the effort and show them that winter fashion can be just as fun as summer. I love layering different textures and patterns and the tie-dye thermal and socks are an example of that. I suggest letting your socks show out of your boots too! That Olive green jacket though. MAJOR RIGHT.

Snow Bunny Date: So you have a boyfriend or maybe a certain someone you’re trying to get close to. Snowboarding or sledding dates are very popular and you can get extra close and comfy. Again, why do people only throw on a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt and think it’s fine? Volcoms snow collection is wonderful and truly let’s your personality show with all of the different colors and patterns. Black and white is always on trend and layering is a MUST when spending long hours outside playing in the snow. How cute are those gloves and scarf! It’s extra sassy!

Winter Concert Adventure: Music lovers unite! I know that we will see our favorite band in any weather condition. Standing outside in the cold can be frustrating and miserable, because you want to look cute for all the selfies and pictures you will be taking throughout the night. This Volcom jacket from their snow iine is warm and fashionable. When you get inside, you will still look amazeballs. I played with the colors with this one, because most people don’t when it’s winter. I love adding pops of color! That knit beanie is everything in life and so is that shirt. I just want to take everything from my screen and go sing at the top of my lungs to P!NK!

Play around and see what you can rock this winter! You can find all of these products on and Go shop!