Stars Dance…Awkwardly at the 2014 Grammy Awards

If you tuned into last night’s Grammy awards, I’m pretty sure you were entertained. It was music’s biggest night and whether they knew it or not, our favorites showed us that they’re just as silly as us if not more. That’s right folks, I’m talking about the awkward, and rather hilarious, dancing during the crowd shots.

Lorde, Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams and Stevie Wonder and Imagine Dragons featuring Kendrick Lamar were by far my favorite performances of the night and it looks like the feeling was mutal.

It seems the crowd shots are the talk of the blogosphere today and I have to agree. While watching Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney, Steven Tyler and Taylor Swift bust out their strange dance moves, I wished on the GIF making gods that someone would turn these special moments into gifs. Luckily for you and the internet, my wish came true!

So now, I bring to you the moments that made the 2014 Grammy awards worth every minute:

Sir Paul McCartney and his finger snaps make the internet a better place.

Fellow BUZZNET blogger Haleigh Rice ( @haleighledisko ) and I bonded over this on Twitter. For some odd reason I just want to watch Yoko Ono do this while listening to Enya.

Somehow I think the Spice Girls would appreciate this. You go Yoko! Girl power!

Steven Tyler kind of reminded me of the awkward teacher at school dances. I wish Jamie Foxx would’ve turned around to witness what was going on behind him.

Taylor Swift is known for her awkward dancing at award shows. Some people just can’t stand to watch this girl have her fun but I love her even more for it. TayTay DGAF. TayTay got crunk.

*insert rap song here*

…and then this kind of happened and I just wanted to hug her. I jumped too. NBD.

My reaction exactly. So proud of Lorde. 😉

For a complete list of winners click HERE.

What were your favorite Grammy moments?