So it’s time to show you what I got for Christmas, well most of it of course I probably forgot to photograph some things. It was a good year and I always get treated so well. My husband always knows what I would like, a few things I told him about but he always pulls a surprise gift on me. And he always tries to wrap them so I can’t guess what it is and this year he did it again. That was my new Living Dead Doll Holle Katrina. All those dolls come in it’s own coffin so of course you can’t wrap it that way because you can see the shape and the surprise is over !! He put it in a box and then wrapped it I was surprised because those dolls are hard to find in stores. Only a few places have them. My son Christian buys me some very unusual things and this year he surprised me with another one of his handmade creations .. I will start with it my new Spider …..

He has his own motorcycle shop and builds professional racing motorcycles. He uses old motorcycle parts to craft these amazing sculptures 😀

Here’s my new spider with the scorpion he made me Xmas 2012 ….. I had to use a lot of photoshop since I didn’t get time to take a better photo 😀

OKAY so now for some of the wrapping paper my son used he didn’t just use the normal wrapping paper he used one with ……..

Houseflies on it !!

And one with …….

Cockroaches on it !!!

And of course one with …..

Black Widow Spiders on it !!!

But we even have more …..

Ventriloquist Dummies !!!

Or a Trip to the Dentist !!! Something I’m very familiar with 😀

But he also got creative with my presents from Whole Foods supermarket ….. He wrapped all those in paper bags 😀

Lot’s of Earth Friendy products …..

Well one thing he got even more creative with making a Bow out of the paper bag !!

He gave me this adorable FURRY BONES Butterfly : )

Now for my Presents from Allison my sons girlfriend, Allison and Christian and her father Fred raise Honey Bees so they make their own honey. It’s so delicious and she always makes other things like soap and lip balm : )

Fred made coasters out of slices of Cedar trees, I have to take a photo of them they are in the back on the right side. And the jar is Beach Plum jelly that Allison made. She also made me a little bee out of a bottle cork I have to photograph that better it’s right in the front 😀

She also made me and Jake some Banana Walnut Bread, Almond Biscotti, Grape Jelly and Peanut Snickers Surprise cookies. She is such a wonderful baker. She made us Chocolate Chip Cheese Cake with Graham Cracker Crust for Christmas Eve dessert : )

It was Heavenly !!!

Now for something my husband Jake gave me, I wanted one but never thought he would buy it for me …..

A KEURIG K-CUP coffee brewer …So amazing and so easy to use. He also got me so many of the little K-Cups and the little filter basket so I can use regular bagged ground coffee when I want to. I just love this invention : )

He also gave me 2 new Jigsaw puzzles that I asked for and gift cards to my favorite stores, and lot’s of this …….

And a photo of Holle Katrina again, she’s just so pretty 😀

My last box of presents came all the way from Wales from my wonderful Buzznet friend Annie and of course adorable Hovis ……. I opened the box on Christmas Eve and was blessed to find such amazing gifts including an Adorable Furry Kitty Kat Hat that I have to take a photo of me wearing, a very interesting book mark with my name and the different things it means. It also has a beautiful hologram of flowers and a butterfly they look so real, some great smelling shower gel, a pretty candle, a tin of Scottish Fudge with a squirrely on it, a cute chocolate Santa, more Yummy chocolates and of course her beautiful calender with all her Gorgeous photos !!! Thank you so much my Dear Friend : )

So I hope you like the presents I received this this Christmas, Everyone is so nice to me and even my Buzznet friends who wished me a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I wish I could see in person every one of you out there. Thank you all for commenting on my photos, blogs and videos it means the world to me ….. And I’m sure this new year will bring many new stories from everyone here at Bizarreland 😀