OMG: Puppy Bowl X Is Coming

Earlier today, I met a friend at a restaurant for lunch. Naturally, all the TVs were set to football stuff and everyone around us was talking about NFC this, AFC that. My friend and I were trying to figure out what it was they were talking about but we mostly just commented on how hot the players were.

Na wut I mean?

As I went back to shoving fries in my mouth, I suddenly felt a sharp grip on my arm that was accompanied by a very high and excited command that told me to look at the TV. As soon as I peered my head up, I too screamed with excitement at what shone before me in this place of bro-y darkness: Puppy Bowl X!

Literally me watching the Puppy Bowl X commercial at a sports bar

We’ve talked about Puppy Bowl before but it’s a new year and that means there are more pups and cats and cute things to look at this year. Let us do so and praise whatever it is we praise because we all love cute animals.

I mean, look at these QTs right here:

This is Abdiel. He’s a 13 week old Lab/Terrier mix. You know you want to cuddle him. There are many more pups for you to gush over at Puppy Bowl HQGo check em out here!

And what would the Puppy Bowl be if it were not for the Kitten Half Time Show?

This is Killian. This mew is 2.5 months old and gives a mean high five. Go and check out the rest of the cats that will be jazzing up the Kitten Half Time Show here.

Here are some gems from the Half Time Shows of yore:


It’s Meeps! The bird that tweets!

The pups in action from Puppy Bowl VIII

And the Cat Time Show:

I can’t handle all this kewt!

Will you be watching Puppy Bowl X? Let me know in the comments below!