New Year = New Thoughts. Get inspired!

2013 flew before my eyes. I never regret much, but one thing from the past year is that I didn’t sit in the moments as much as I should of. I am not going to sit here and bore you with my grocery list long resolution list I made for myself, but one thing I will share is to be more open to inspiration. It is all around us! Especially out here in Los Angeles, there are so many good and bad things to be influenced by. Daily, I thank my parents for raising me with a good head on my shoulders to know the difference between the two, and having good people that surround me.

I’ll keep this short and sweet since it is 73 degrees out today and I am going to go take my dog for a hike and enjoy this beautiful monday off to get laundry done and start organizing my life haha

Here are some awesome quotes I have been harvesting from my pintrest page (True Life: I am addicted to Pintrest) These brightened my day and set me straight for this week ahead. My new mantra is: ONE WEEK AT A TIME! 🙂 Hopefully these inspired you as they did for me today! If you share them on twitter or instagram tag me! @danivitale

Have a great week!

Love, me