Movie Must Watch: GMO OMG

I saw this film last night and I can’t recommend it enough. (

I feel so passionately about this subject because a lot of the general public has no idea they are even a part of this science experiment and so many of the people who are aware are totally misinformed on it.

The majority of the food we eat in this country contains GMOs & the argument is that we are going to “feed the world” with all the crops we are able to grow. However, there was a 30 year study done by Rodale Institute showing that not only does organic farming yield the same amount of crops as conventional (/GMO) farming but that it’s actually the only sustainable way to farm. Because with conventional/GMO farming it kills all the soil and the entire Eco system around it. You also can’t re-plant the seeds. So how are we going to continue to grow food if we kill off all the soil? We have been lied to by greedy corporations like Monsanto. They can’t “feed the world” with their crops. They just care about making money.

We have scientific evidence that GMOs cause massive tumor growths as well. Considering that one of the GMO crops they make literally causes bugs stomachs to explode when they eat it, it’s not that surprising. Think of what that’s doing to our bodies? How do you avoid consuming GMOs? Eat Organic. The more we spend on organic the higher the demand will be and the lower the cost of organic will become.