So as most of you know I’ve had this Stink Bug in my house for weeks now and she has been on some evergreen branches that I have in a vase. She has been keeping a low profile in those branches until Thursday when she decided she wanted to roam around. Well after seeing her on a bench I have in my diniing room she disappeared and I just kind of forgot about her For the Moment !! Well I was sitting at the computer on Thursday night and with the room nice and quiet I heard this low buzzing noise, not thinking what it could be I thought it was coming from the computer until I saw a shadow above me. I looked up and there was Miss Stink Bug flying around the room. She seemed to settle down up on the trac light but then I felt something tickling my left wrist and there she was on my hand !!!

She came into the room to be with me and she stayed right on my hand while I was trying to type. After a little while of doing that she started up her wings again and took off !! Back up to the light but not for long, not knowing where she went I turned around and she was on the back of my chair wanting to climb on me again. So back she was on my hand just hanging out until I had to go to bed. I put her back safely on the branches and she is still there until her next adventure 😀

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