Life Is About Creating Yourself

Sometimes I feel just like a little girl. I don’t like when people say bad about my weight. You know that I have some underweight and it doesn’t make me better. I believe that I lost my secret power during the last years. When someone laughs from my dangerous weight, I bleed inside and can I do something with it? Not, because I can’t hurt people. My life mission is share hope and love. Respect is everything what counts to me…

Today I spent day with my crayons and markers. Thanks it, I thought a lot about my life, what I did good and wrong. It was weird time, maybe because I’m unwanted girl in my place. The first time in my life, I had a problem with draw something. I looked at the paper and my mind was empty….

Life to me is a hard way to show the world that I’m here and I don’t give up. You know that art is everything what I have. And when I see that someone is motivated by my blog, it makes me stronger. And I must fight for these people. Just everything is so complicated. Now I’m 24 and this is weird age. I lost a lot in my short life and I’ll lose more and more. I can’t stop this never ending process.

I have great family on Table Of Love, Buzznet and from Team OCY. You know that you are my light and you are owner my heart. I dream about show you that I can be better but all the time I dissapoint you. I hope that someday you will forgive me. You know I’m just a forbidden girl.

And I don’t know what will bring to me this year. But I want to change a lot. I want to win with my problems and help more and more persons. And I want to show new things on Buzznet, new series of articles about hard things and I’ll put new things to old project “Eat, you have a choice”.

Love you so much <3