Keltie’s Adventure with Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper & Tom Hanks

This weekend I covered the Palm Springs International Film Festival in Palm Springs. This was the first big event of the 2014 Award Season and all the huge A-list stars attended. I couldn’t believe my life when Tom Hanks was standing in front of me, or when I was face to face with Julia Roberts. I got to see one of my favorite stars Matthew McConaughey, which meant even more because I totally LOVED his movie this year Dallas Buyers Club. It was the first time this year that I’ve been able to wear a gown, and for this event I needed to be very fancy and refined…so I chose a purple goddess like gown, and very simple hand jewels.

The next morning I attended the Variety “10 Directors To Watch” brunch and got to interview Melissa McCarthy, who I LOVE. She was there with her husband Ben who was being honored and I loved her dress!

These are my behind the scenes photos of my interviews, and my gown and my cute dress for the next day!

ps. tune into The Insider on CBS tonight to see all my interviews with the stars. You can check local listings to see when it airs in your city!

Love you guys! xxKK