Keltie Knight’s Photoshoot CEVENTPICS

Here we are only a few days into 2014 and I already get to cross one of my goals for 2104 of my manifest list! One of my big goals for 2014 is to love myself a little more. If you are anything like me, you probably look at yourself and only see flaws. I am the same, I am so unbelievably hard on myself and all day long I constantly talk down to myself and I really want to learn to see the good things about myself and get out of my head.

My goal for this year was to do a photoshoot where I celebrated all that my body has done for me, I’m not as fit as I used to be, but I still am proud of my body and how far it has taken me, 25 years of dancing and travels around the world! I wanted to celebrate getting older (and better!) I want to remeber that my flaws are what make me different and beautiful!

All these photos were shot by Cory from Ceventpics, and the makeup was done by Edwin Monzon.

Do you have a favorite photo? What are your new years resolutions?