Hot Or Not: Jared Leto’s Chevron Shoes And Purple Socks

Let’s get real, Jared Leto can pull off just about anything. Something about the musician/actor’s aura makes him a fashion “do” no matter what he’s wearing. However, humor me and let’s take a critical look at Jared’s latest footwear choice.

He showed up at the UK premiere of The Dallas Buyers Club wearing a pair of chevron smoking flats. He complemented the flashy shoes with purple socks. These were in addition to the leather pants, polka dot shirt and felt hat and two-toned blazer he was wearing.

The fact that Jared, 42, still looks amazing despite this fashion mashup says a lot about his studliness. Pretty sure that nobody else could pull this off and look as amazing.

What do you think of Jared’s shoes?