Happy New Year! As 2013 ended and 2014 started I got thinking about my manifestations and goals for 2014. As you guys know, every year me and Christina get together and write a list of “manifestations” for the year. We’ve been doing this now for almost a decade and I believe in it so much! Last year, I many of my manifestations came true! I got a full-time national hosting job, I bought my first house and I reach 5 million views in one month on this little blog (my goal was 5 million, but I surpassed and actually got 8 million! wow!) This year I am focusing less on “work” stuff and more on my soul. The amount of work stuff I accomplished last year left my relationship with my soul and my now, husband- a mess. When all I did was work, I pushed everything else to the wayside, and this year I am working of trying to become a kind person again, greeting people with compassion and patience. I also want to try to dance more this year, it’s something that makes me feel better when things get tough- and even when I am exuasted I want to try to find time to go to class.

Exciting news guys! I am launching my very first official YOUTUBE channel this year! My goal for this year is to start the channel and get 10,000 subscribers by the end of the year! I am planning on posting lots of cool video footage and behind the scenes to my life, but also some super share-able videos of inspiration that you can send to friends who might need them…or watch them when YOU need them!

THIS IS MY FIRST VIDEO! Please watch and let me know what you think and make sure to subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel!

ps. share this with a friend who needs extra inspiration this year!

Love you guys so much, happiest new year and welll…just watch!