The Many Faces Of David Bowie: Happy Birthday White Duke

Today is such an amazing day in music history: Mister David Robert Jones well-known as David Bowie turns 67.

Born in Brixton, when he had the first wail, the obstetrician said: “This baby has already been on this Earth”, such important words and she foreseen right since Bowie is on the since for 50 years now and just last year he released a new masterpiece called “The Next Day”.

It’s really difficult to say who David Bowie isn’t. Since he gave a lot to music and not only to it, but in general to all the arts. He’s a composer, a musician, a song-writer, a singer, an actor, a painter, a husband and a father of two: Duncan “Zowie” Jones (1971), “Moon” and “Source Code” director, from his first wife Angela “Angie” Barnett and Alexandria “Lexi” Zahra Jones born on August 15, 2000 from his second wife, the gorgeous Somali-American model Iman.

I always loved Bowie for his way to be a step forward the others and all his albums are so actual and timeless. He’s an ARTIST, he experiments a lot of genres, themes, sounds and he’s never banal. He gave and still gives a lot to music.

He has been The Thin White Duke, Ziggy Stardust, Halloween Jack and every time he brought the music on another level. He’s a GENIUS and a lot of new singers should look at him as a master of life and not only a master of music and talent.

In this gallery you can see all the many faces of David Bowie.



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